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The passing of Mr Rooster

by Tricia Heidkamp on July 27, 2011

Our beloved Mr. Rooster died today.  It was a sad day for all.  He had graced our pressence for nearly 3 years.  When Brian and the boys picked him up at a swap meet and brought him home he was kind of mean to the hens.  We placed him in a separate cage so he wouldn’t hurt any of them.  He would be taken out to walk around the yard when the ladies were busy elsewhere,  he would strut around the yard like nobody’s business.  Eventually we incorporated him into the flock and he became the protector of all in the coop.  Protecting the hens was his top priority, he took his job very seriously.  In the last year he had a harder time getting around and hung out more in the coop than out, younger roosters moved in and he passed the torch like a trooper.  He was still was a sight to watch as he moved about.  We will miss him.

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tomato hornworms

by Tricia Heidkamp on July 25, 2011

Last week I went out early to beat the heat and shovel (or squeegee as the case may be) the chicken coop.  Despite the impending heat advisory it was surprisingly comfortable outside.  I was busy cleaning and glanced over to notice my tomato plants were half gone! A couple years ago huge green caterpillars took over my tomato plants – I took a closer look and sure enough the caterpillars stuck again! A couple years ago I was honestly too freaked out and we abandoned the garden (silly city folk…)  Back then a friend told me you just pick them off and cut them in half (WHAT? GROSS!!) well, as I said that was a couple years ago….since then I have found myself washing chickens, cutting chicken toenails, and other things I certainly never thought I would be doing …………..so off to the garden I head with garden gloves and scissors in hand.  The chickens were quite happy with their mid morning snack, I unfortunately am left with rather pathetic tomato plants. 

This year we moved the vegetable garden closer to the house.  Brian and the boys built three raised beds and we fenced it in to keep the chickens out.  My hope was that with the garden closer to the house it might not get over run with weeds as in years past.  I have kept up on the weeds this year, and I probably would not have caught those pesky hornworms this soon had the garden been further out! 


careless mowing good for rooster

July 17, 2011

It all began with some rather reckless mowing on my part, not intentional mind you, I just have a habit of running things over.  A trip to a welder was needed to repair the mower deck – what better time to have Mr rooster go under the torch?  The days of him standing in shame […]

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Hard winter for rooster

March 12, 2011

It was an especially rough winter here in Northern Indiana.  Lots and lots of snow,wind and cold weather.  While it wasn’t just us that thought the winter was brutal, the metal rooster on our front porch also had a difficult time riding out the winter of 2010-11.  After one of our storms we noticed that the comb that once […]

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Mister Ed revisited

November 21, 2010

Here in our little slice of heaven we don’t have cable TV.  We were all cable junkies when the boys were little, then we decided to put an end to the madness.  The day the cable company was scheduled to come out and disconnect it we had a horrible ice storm and were without power for 3 days.  […]

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Interior painting

October 7, 2010

Paint is one of the cheapest, easiest and quickest way to change a room.  I love to rearrange furniture and to paint.  It gives a room a whole new look, every time I walk into the room after it is done I just have a happy feeling.  Light to dark, bright to pastel it can […]

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August 26, 2010

One morning a couple of weeks ago a note was discovered on our door that read “ we have your rooster “ followed by a phone number.  Frantic screams were yelled out as the kids searched the yard for our rooster, called Mr. Rooster.  I, on the other hand, thought someone was playing a prank […]

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Cheap food

August 22, 2010

Nothing says time for canning like the typical sweltering weather of mid to late August.  You know when it hits the high 80’s or 90’s that it is time to spend a couple of hours couped up in the kitchen with a monster size kettle of boiling water.  This being said, I love to can.  There […]

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Built-in shelves

August 20, 2010

Shelves are a great way to store things: collections, books, blankets and more.  Built-ins can typically hold more just because they can fill the entire area.   Not too long ago we wanted to build shelves in a bedroom.  In this particular bedroom there are an abundance of Legos.  In an effort to contain the overflow of ships, […]

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July 31, 2010

Aprons have made a comeback, it is about time!  No clue why they ever went out.  Maybe it is just me, but when I am cooking or cleaning up after a meal I inevitably spill/splatter/splash something on myself – more importantly my clothes.  For anyone who is in the kitchen as much as I am (hey […]

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